miércoles, 14 de enero de 2015

Communication. Are you good at keeping in touch with people? When you are on the phone, do you talk more than you listen? Do you think real cards are better than e-cards?

Yes, I am. I’m  the  kind of person that  like to be in contac with friends.

No, I don’t . I prefer to listen to my  friends because they  have  many problems and I like to help  my friens with them.

I think that the real are more special than the other one, but  the E- card are faster .  i  still prefer the real cards.

If you have the opportunity to travel, which place would you choose: At the beach, In the Mountains or In the City. What are you going to do for your next vacation? What things do you need to do before a trip? Share your ideas.

 I'd like to travel to Arequipa that is well-known here in Peru as "La Ciudad Clanca".

I'm going to go to Arequipa on july and i will visit " El Cañon Del Colca " and also arequipa has many touristic places and the food is delicious.

After any travel you have to take care of your pets, review your baggage, check your passport, ID card, you driver's license and also check the money that you will spend in your trip and look for the hotel where you will stay.

What special days do you celebrate? Are there any special traditions that you enjoy? How do you celebrate these dates? Share your experience.

I like to celebrate my birthday , my relative's birtdays , Independence day ,Christmas and  New Year.

Those days are very important for me because I spend good time with people that I love but my favorite is my birthday, in this day I receive many gifts.

Well, in Christmas my family and I eat turkey, drink red wine and we give presents to everyone
and in New year we eat grapes at midnigth and we go to dance anywhere.

When you meet new people, how do you usually start a conversation? Are you the conversation starter or the follower? Share your experience.

Well, I like to talk about an insteresting topic for both. I believe it will catch the attention of the other person and it will make the conversation funny.
I think im the one who start a conversation even if I dont know the other person

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